LiDAR and Environmental Data Forum

On May 21st, the Open Space District and the Sonoma County Water Agency hosted the LiDAR and Environmental Data Forum.  The forum included a number of mapping and remote sensing experts to discuss the benefits and applications of LiDAR and other high-resolution environmental data products being developed for the Sonoma County Vegetation Mapping and LiDAR Program. Speakers discussed LiDAR’s role in providing next generation data products for engineering, feature extraction, vegetation mapping, and land management.

The table below lists the speakers and provides links to their presentations. For general information on LiDAR’s benefits, visit this blog post.

Speaker Bio Presentation Link
Tom Robinson, Conservation Planner – SCAOSD Mr. Robinson is project manager for the Sonoma County Vegetation Mapping and LiDAR program. Tom has many years of conservation planning, GIS, and mapping experience. Overview of the Sonoma County Vegetation Mapping and LiDAR Program
James Young, Senior Manager – Aerometric Mr. Young has worked with LiDAR since the technology's infancy in the mid-1990s. He now manages all of Aerometric's LiDAR production and has worked on more than 500 LiDAR projects. LiDAR Introduction, Specs, and Terms (Mr. Young also wrote LiDAR for Dummies)
Jeremy Kobor, Senior Hydrologist – O'Conner Environmental Mr. Kobor is a registered geologist and holds and MS in geology. He is an expert in the development and application of numerical hydrologic, hydraulic, and sediment transport models and has experience in geomorphic mapping. Hydrologic Mapping and Modeling in Sonoma County Using LiDAR
Dr. Matthew Clark, Associate Professor – Sonoma State University Dr. Clark is an expert in remote sensing of land cover and forest properties. Using LiDAR to Estimate Carbon Stored in Tropical Rainforests
Laurel Marcus, Executive Director – California Land Stewardship Institute Ms. Marcus has over 30 years of experience in watershed, river and wetland restoration work in California. She is the author of the Fish Friendly Farming Environmental (FFF) Environmental Certification Program (also known as the Napa Green Land Certification) that she directs in seven counties for over 15 different crops and grazing land. Using LiDAR for Geomorphic and Riparian Mapping on the Napa River
Devin Kelley, Project Director – Photoscience Mr. Kelley is a certified photogrammetrist with extensive experience using LiDAR data and integrating LiDAR into a photogrammetric workflow. LiDAR for Engineering Applications
Matthew Boyd, Chief Technology Officer & Co-CEO – WSI Mr. Boyd is responsible for research & development, procurement and implementation of airborne remote sensing technology at WSI. Since 2004, Mr. Boyd has developed the company's LiDAR program. An Overview of LiDAR Feature Extraction This file is 2 Gigabytes!
Dr. Jacob Strunk, Aerometric Dr. Strunk's research and applied work focus on using LiDAR to assist in forest monitoring and forest inventory. Forest Inventory & Monitoring with LiDAR