WHR Crosswalk for Sonoma Veg Map

California Wildlife Habitat Relations (CWHR) is a habitat classification system developed by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.  The system classifies the California landscape into 59 wildlife habitats.  The system associates each of 712 wildlife species to the wildlife habitats where the species occurs.  Using information from the Manual of California Vegetation, Volume 2, and the CWHR Habitat Classification Rules, we developed a crosswalk from the 82 fine scale map classes in the Sonoma Veg Map to their respective WHR habitat types.  You can download the crosswalk as an MS Excel file here:  https://sonomaopenspace.egnyte.com/dl/IVMaWwISME

Hopefully this crosswalk is useful to wildlife managers in Sonoma County!  Please let us know if you have suggested revisions to the crosswalk.