Local Ecology and Botany Advisory Group Meets

The Local Ecology and Botany Advisory Group - 35 experts in ecology, botany, and land management - convened at the Laguna Foundation's Heron Hall in late January to advise the vegetation and habitat mapping team. The advisory group's primary role is to provide expert local botanical and ecological insight to help make the most comprehensive, accurate, useful map possible.

The meeting began with presentations by members of the mapping team (Tom Robinson, Mark Tukman, and Joan Schwan) followed by breakout sessions. In the breakout sessions, committee members advised the mapping team on possible locations for field work, occurrences of unique or rare vegetation communities, and existing fine-scale vegetation data for use by the mapping team. Committee members also provided valuable input on strategies for maximizing the usability of the vegetation and habitat map.

Thanks to our ecologists and botanists for donating their time and expertise to help us make the best map! See below for a list of Local Ecology and Botany Advisory Group Members.

Name Affiliation
Aaron Arthur Consulting botanist
Ann Howald Consulting botanist
Arthur Dawson Baseline Consulting
Brendan O'Neil California State Parks
Caroline Christian Sonoma State University
Chris Kjeldsen Consulting botanist
Christina Sloop San Francisco Bay Joint Venture
Claudia Luke Sonoma State University
Cyndy Shafer California State Parks
Dave Cook Sonoma County Water Agency
Fred Euphrat Consulting forester
Gene Cooley CA Department of Fish and Wildlife
Hattie Brown Laguna Foundation
Jane Valerius Consulting botanist
Joe Pecharich NOAA/NMFS
John Herrick CNPS Milo Baker Chapter
Julian Meisler Sonoma Land Trust
Kate Symonds USFWS, Partners for Fish & Wildlife
Kathleen Kraft Sonoma Marin Coastal Grasslands Working Group
Keenan Foster Sonoma County Water Agency
Liz Parsons CNPS Milo Baker Chapter
Mariska Obedzinski UCCE/CA Sea Grant
Michelle Halbur Pepperwood Preserve
Peter Baye Consulting botanist
Peter Connors UC Davis Bodega Marine Lab
Peter Warner Consulting botanist
Phil Northen Sonoma State University
Phil van Soelen Cal Flora Nursery
Rich Stabler Sonoma County Permit and Resource Management Dept.
Roger Raiche Planet Horticulture
Sarah Gordon Consulting botanist, CNPS Milo Baker, project field crew
Shelly Benson Consulting botanist, project field crew
Sherry Adams Audobon Canyon Ranch
Steve Barnhart Pepperwood Preserve
Tom Parker San Francisco State University