Hydrologic Data Products Now Available

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2 thoughts on “Hydrologic Data Products Now Available

  1. maphead1

    I want to thank you for this incredibly detailed data… Thank you for providing it, it is a huge improvement over the pre-existing stream data. However, is there any classification for stream orders on the stream centerlines? I would love to style the intermittent streams differently than the larger rivers, but I can’t find a way to classify the different stream orders. Am I missing something?

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Maphead: Unfortunately, no way at this time to symbologize by stream order. Eventually, we’d like to create a routed stream network (like NHD) for these fine scale, LiDAR derived data. In the meantime we do have flow accumulation rasters that can help. If you run a zonalstats to apply max flow accumulation to each reach, you can then symbolize and analyze the centerlines based on their flow accumulation. If you have any questions, call 707.206.6290.

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